"There's nothing wrong with you, There's a lot wrong with the world you live in"
-- Chris Colfer

i'm from israel, love glee,chris colfer,darren criss and all the glee cast. have fun !!!

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Chris on being in the harness for Glee’s “Old Dog, New Tricks”

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So you’ve been meeting a lot of young fans around the world, does one particular fan stick out?

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Chris Colfer on The Talk [07/21/14]

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You will be playing a young Noel Coward
What did you do to prepare for this role?

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"You also follow other people’s pets on Instagram."

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Lea Michele posing on the Giffoni Film Festival Blue Carpet (x)

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favorite klaine moments

So, if what Max talked about at G4 is true, would this have been basically the first scene the two of them ever filmed together? Oh, goodness, they’re so great…

Wow. Still one of my favorite klaine scenes, too. Seriously, that’s incredible. 

Yeah, I had never heard that before. Darren said Max was the first person he met, so it definitely seems like Max extending that story and saying that when they filmed this scene Chris and Darren hadn’t met before is right. Which is incredible, I could certainly never tell.

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glee autumn colors
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Jenna Ushkowitz and Mark Salling on the red carpet at the Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Celebration of Dance Gala (July 19th, 2014)

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